A video series designed to change the law school experience

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PatBar presents an all new video lecture series! The program includes 22 lecture DVDs and a workbook designed to change the Law School Experience. This Academic Success Program will give you a significant advantage!

A new video lecture series designed to change the Law School experience.
Success Begins with PatBar
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Your first semester in law school is the most important. How you prepare may make or break your career.

Success in your first semester will pave the way to valuable opportunities in later semesters. These opportunities include internships and law review panel slots, which are available only to those with a high GPA.  Generally, only the top 25% of students get internships, and most schools allow only those in the top 10% to be on the law review panel.

If you get poor grades in your first semester, it will be almost impossible to bring your average up in time to take advantage of these opportunities.  In a difficult economy, an internship or an editorship can mean the difference between a dream job and much less desirable employment--or unemployment.

Most students who get poor grades during their first semester do not lack aptitude, comprehension, or memory.  They simply fall behind in their work, even by as little as a week, and never catch up.  Their classes go poorly, they do not understand the material, and they have a great deal of trouble with final exams.

Law school classes typically base most, if not all, of a student's grade on the final exam. Yet, there is no way to do well on finals without being fully prepared, and that preparation must begin before day one of law school.  There is just no time to recover weeks' worth of work during the semester, as assignments pile up rapidly and heavily.

With the PatBar® Law School Academic Success Program, you are prepared to get right to work during those crucial first few weeks.  You will already be ahead of your peers, because you will know how law school works, and you will be able to get started on your reading with confidence.

The PatBar® Law School Academic Success Program will likely cost less than your first-semester texts and will give you a significant advantage.  From day one, you will know what to expect.

We are offering the program at a special introductory price, for a limited time only, so don't wait to get started on your path to success.

If you are interested in becoming a Patent Agent or Patent Attorney, we also offer the PatBar® Patent Bar Review Course.

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